Galaxy S9 Smartphone by Samsung Makes Its Debut

Photo: SOPA Images (Getty)

Samsung just revealed details about their much anticipated flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and people are far from impressed. Although a lot of the information about it leaked a few months earlier, one of its greatest surprises was certainly the price. It is much lower than expected. In all other aspects, Galaxy S9 is sadly unimpressive and doesn’t feel like Samsung’s strongest weapon. In fact, in many aspects, Apple’s smartphone seems quite superior. Galaxy S9 and S9+ were already released in India, while the rest of the world will have to wait till March 16. Here are some of the features this phone has to offer.

In an effort to keep up with Apple and their inventions, Samsung Galaxy S9 introduced AR Emoji feature. It basically lets you transform into emoji of your choice and send a virtual message to anyone no matter what phone they have. It’s similar, but not the same as Apple’s Animoji. Another important feature that the new Samsung models bring is the Bixby Vision integrated into the camera app. Thanks to Bixby, you will be able to point a camera at any foreign words and get an instant translation. It’s quite a useful piece of technology that will, no doubt, change how we interact with each other on a global level. Besides that, Bixby can count calories in your meal and even make some cosmetic changes using the augmented reality technology.

Speaking of camera, both Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have the ability to record video in 960fps (slow-motion) and it will be displayed on curved Super AMOLED screens of different sizes. While the regular version S9 has an 5.8-inch display, the S9+ version offers the impressive 6.2. Obviously, both models are dust and water resistant, but that’s expected from most new models. If you want to buy Galaxy S9 directly from Samsung, you will have to spend about $720. Other markets might offer lower prices and better deals, though.

Do you think Samsung S9 is a better option than the upcoming iPhone?