JNCO Jeans Are No More As The Company Is Closing Its Doors

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Even though JNCO Jeans are just one of the things you simply can’t wear today and get away with it, those extra wide-legged jeans will always have a place in our heart, and that’s the only place you will find it now because the company behind those jeans are saying goodbye forever.

That’s right, ’90s kids, the Los Angeles company is closing shop, and liquidating all inventory at reduced prices. So get those jeans while you still can!

For those that don’t remember, Jacques Yaakov Revah and Haim Milo Revah were the masterminds behind the huge-legged jeans that were a massive success in the ’90s, especially in 1998 when it reached its peak, and when every boy band member (and every person in general) was wearing a pair.

How successful were they? Well they raked in about $200 million. After closing shop in the 2000s, the brothers brought the jeans back in 2017, but only for a short time because now it’s over for good.

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The company announced a goodbye message, but here’s just some of what they said:

“While this is an end of an era for JNCO, what JNCO stands for will continue to live on in all of our customers and fans who will carry on the spirit of our brand and all it represents. For our loyal base of fans looking to acquire a few more pieces of JNCO gear from their favorite shop, we still have limited supplies of apparel available on a first-come first-serve basis.   

Thank you to all who have made JNCO special. We’ve truly enjoyed making clothing for such a devoted base of enthusiasts.”

So long, JNCO, I guess skinny jeans took over…for now.

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