CES 2018 Highlights: Incredible TVs, Epic Audio, Next-Gen VR & More

This year’s Consumers Electronics Show has once again delivered on astounding technological achievements, showcased in style. We’ve seen TVs getting bigger, audio setups becoming even better, VR being pushed further, and lots, lots more.

Join us as we celebrate the CES 2018 highlights!

LG 65″ Rollable TV

First up, there’s the LG 65″ rollable television. And no, LG doesn’t mean “rollable” in some artsy, figurative way… This TV literally rolls up into a small compartment. Now you can play hide-and-seek with a 65″ 4K screen!


LG isn’t just rolling up its TVs, no. Above you’ll spy the largest and highest-resolution OLED panel ever produced. It’s 88″ and packs a resolution of 8K. (Fun fact: I’d have to move house to fit this into one of my rooms.)

Samsung’s “The Wall”

Samsung’s MicroLED, modular “The Wall” television is just breathtaking to behold. A 146″ version was on show at CES 2018, but it can be made to fit any space. There’s no bezels, either! We’re still waiting for more information on this one, but the concept is highlight-worthy, for sure!

Sennheiser HD 820

The Sennheiser HD 820 is a closed-back pair of headphones, which aims to be the “endgame” for audiophiles. Glass covers are fitted to each side of the earcups, adding style, but also dampening unwanted external sound.  They’ll be priced at $2,399.95 in the US, when they release this summer.

LG ThinQ WK7

Offering Google Assistant support, but aiming to beat the big G on audio quality and performance, is the LG ThinQ WK7. It boasts Meridian Audio’s advanced technologies, and should be a serious contender in the home assistant space. It’s “coming soon.”

HTC Vive Pro

The HTC Vive has been overhauled, with a better screen, and more comfortable ergonomic design. It, along with the standard Vive, can also be made wireless, with the new Wireless Adaptor. That is a huge step for VR, as being tethered to a PC can be dangerous and/or ruin the immersion.


PC gamers will drool at the site of Nvidia’s BFGD (Big Format Gaming Displays). These monitors don’t compromise, wielding 65″, 4K, 120Hz, G-Sync, HDR panels, which will no doubt cost a fortune, but will make the richest gamers very happy indeed!

Razer Project Linda (2018)

Pop the Razer Phone into the Project Linda shell, and it becomes a laptop. The phone’s internals power the computer, while a battery within the shell keeps everything ticking. This is only a concept, and so may never see the light of day. I’m hoping that it does!