Think You’ve Mastered A Proper Beer Pour? You’re Wrong

Sexy Beer. Photo: ultramarinfoto (Getty).

Do you know any beer snobs who regularly preach about how you’re supposed to pour a beer. If you do, there’s nothing that triggers them more than a pour with too much head — and by head, I mean foam, ya perv.

As it turns out, your local beer snob might have been wrong this entire time. According to one expert, they’ve been so wrong about how to do a proper pour they’ve been causing stomach aches.

Think You’ve Mastered A Proper Beer Pour? Wrong!

Max Bakker is a Master Cicerone, which basically means he’s someone who’s certified in the ways of beer to the point of being a Jedi for chugging brews. In a recent video he did for Business Insider, Max showed why foam isn’t such a bad thing for a freshly poured beer.

As you can see in the video, pouring it wrong can turn you beer into a tool for giving you a nasty case of the beer shits. In other words, it doesn’t come highly recommended. Too much CO2 paired with certain foods — in this case, cheese — can cause a chemical reaction and doesn’t sit very well. Now you know why you get so bloated.

Instead of pouring your beer with finesse, do it with a little authority so when it hits the glass it makes some space between your chalice and frosty brew. As Max explains, foam always turns into beer, and as you can see, the same food doesn’t have quite the same fizzing effect when mixed with the beverage. No CO2, no tummy aches.

So the next time you pour yourself a beer, try leaving some foam on the top. Besides, who are you to complain about more head? Just saying.

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