Here’s A Map Of Every Country’s Favorite Beer

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It seems everywhere you go, beer drinkers have their own unique beverage of choice. Some folks enjoy your regular ol’, run-of-the-mill light beer from one of the big corporate brewers. Other’s prefer a craft beer with a high alcohol percentage.

The point is, everyone has their go-to grown-up juice, and it differs wherever you go. When you break down favorite beers by country, the diversity hits you harder than the hops in a double IPA.

A Map Of Favorite Beers From Countries Around The World

The good folks over at VinePair were able to gather research to show which beers are drank the most in countries all over the planet. The results showed drinkers like their local stuff, ranging from light beer to dark stouts to stuff that isn’t even beer.

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Here in the USA, the acronym might as well stand for United States of Anheuser-Busch because Americans love them some Bud Light from the brewer. Now, before you go yelling, “America, hell yeah” after chugging that Bud, you should know that while Anheuser-Busch is headquartered in St. Louis, its parent company is Belgian transnational company AB InBev. So technically, you’re drinking Belgian beer… if that makes sense.

Meanwhile, Canadians also enjoy them some Anheuser-Busch, but opt for the “King of Beers” instead of the light stuff their neighbors pound. And down south in Mexico, the locals stick to their own brand and throw back Coronas more than anything else. Although, I would be down with some Modelo if Corona isn’t available.

Some notable favorites for other countries might not even be beer at all. Take Iran and Saudi Arabia, for example. Iranians enjoy Delster Light and Saudis drink Moussy — both of which are non-alcoholic beverages that won’t get you anything close to a buzz. They probably taste better with pizza, though.

Everything considered, people’s palates differ across borders. But wherever you go to drink these fine beverages, make sure you get a ride home. Do they do Uber in Kazakhstan?

h/t The Economist

Maybe some day you’ll travel the world and taste each of these in their countries… for your health. It’s not often your vacation can be a way to help prevent heart disease.