Science Says People Who Drink Gin Are Way Sexier

Photo: Dphotographer (Getty)

I’m not a fan of gin — mainly because I just stick to beer — though I know liquor would be better to mask my misery. But I have some good news for all of you gin lovers: according to good old science, people who drink gin are pretty damn sexy. And science says so, so it has to be accurate, right?

According to a new study published by the medical journal BMJ Open, different types of alcohol have a different effect on your emotions as well as on your behavior. Yes, we knew that already, but the study — which surveyed 30,000 people aged between 18 and 34 from 21 different countries — found that drinkers of beer, spirits and wine all had different answers to the thoughts and feelings they associated with their tipple. And while gin drinkers were associated with aggressive behavior, the study also proved that they are sexy people.

And now for some numbers: 59% of the people surveyed associated drinking gin with feeling energetic and confident, while 42.5% associated them with feeling sexy. In other news, red wine and beer drinkers associated those drinks with feeling tired and relaxed. And that’s not a surprise at all.

But like we said, if you drink gin, you’re most likely sexy. Or you’ve drank enough gin to convince yourself you’re a looker. Regardless, stay confident, folks.

h/t The LADbible

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