Will Hershey’s Gold Become the Next Great Candy Bar Sensation?

Photo: The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company is about to do something it hasn’t done since 1995. Hershey’s Gold, set to release on December 1st, is on track to become the 4th Hershey bar to be created, joining the classic milk chocolate, milk chocolate and almonds, and cookies & cream.

The release of Hershey’s Gold intentionally coincides with the 100-day countdown of the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The “official confectionary sponsor of Team USA” enlisted retired Olympic Gold-Medalist speedskater Apolo Ohno to market the bar.

Hershey’s Gold is a caramelized creme bar packed with crushed peanuts and pretzels. Unlike other Hershey’s bars, it will not contain any chocolate. The bar will have a “buttery taste” due to a process which browns the sugar. That combined with the saltiness and crunch added by the pretzels and peanuts creates a perfect balance of sweet and salty both children and adults will crave.

While Hershey’s Gold claims to be the “first mass-market, golden creme confection in the United States,” it is not the first time we’ve seen a golden snack or candy covered pretzels and peanuts.

Hershey’s Gold might remind you of the Golden Oreo, created by Nabisco in 2004, Peanut M&M’s which were introduced in 1954, and Pretzel M&M’s released in 2010. All three products have been met with mild success, but hopefully, Hershey’s Gold can find itself on top of the podium.