10 Timeless Phrases Redefined To Match Your Millennial Mindset

Photo: Anchiy (Getty)

Timeless phrases are the groups of words that define our lives on a daily basis, and they never go out of style. However, millennials have their very own unique style, so in order to help those little buggers whilst they twirl their goofy mustaches and put together their weird ensembles, we thought we’d redefine some of the most timeless phrases to match the millennial mindset. You’re welcome, rapscallions.

All the outdated phrases that your mother still uses (just heard my neighbor ask someone how their Dr. Martens were working out), albeit she’s a lot wiser and hipper than you’ll ever be, can be refitted and repurposed to match those pointless suspenders holding up your skin-tight jeans and the flannel shirt you wear in the dead of summer.

If you’re a millennial or have the millennial mindset and need something ubiquitous yet fit to your unique style, we’ve got the best of the best timeless phrases redefined for your personal benefit. There’s Larry David, vegan and texting jokes, as well as Cheech and Chong, if you have any idea who those guys are.

10 Timeless Phrases Redefined To Match Your Millennial Mindset

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