These Have Got To Be The Most Terrible Drinking Games Imaginable

Photo: John Sommer (Getty)

Drinking just isn’t fun enough when you’re not destroying your liver function to the brink of death, is it? No, we have to spice up our drinking lives with clever drinking games that expedite an excessive amount of alcohol, greater and faster than our livers are prepared to tolerate. But these have got be the most terrible drinking games imaginable.

Edward 40s Hands is a classic bad idea drinking game that takes the average 16-ounce bladder and challenges it to hold five times its capacity while we stumble belligerently with giant glass bottles taped to our hands with no means for unzipping or expelling. Sounds dreamy, right? So what other fun activities can you add alcohol directly to in order to make it as thrilling as it is detrimental to our health and general self-awareness? Or better yet, what can we do to make regular drinking games into ridiculously terrible ideas, near unimaginable?

Well, have a look inside and see some unique inventions, possibly the most terrible drinking games imaginable, some more festive than others. Bet that beer is looking awfully tempting afterward. Eh, you’ll drink it anyway.

These Have Got To Be The Most Terrible Drinking Games Imaginable 

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