8 Major Ways Your Office Life Is Impeding Your Health And Happiness

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Whatever you do, don’t move, because this very second, your filthy office lifestyle may be impeding your health right now in a major way. Maybe eight ways. Look around at your work life. Is there a cluttered desk? Do your coworkers make you want to scream, staple your eyelids shut and run into a busy street? For god sake, is somebody poisoning the coffee pot again?

A study done on obesity and upselling by Slimming World and the Royal Society of Public Health shows where a lot of people struggle. While many jobs come equipped with free lunches, snack bars, excessively milky coffee drinks and cans full of sugary suds, if you indulge too much, avoid bringing the old sack lunch and don’t get some regular exercise to work off the stress, you be impeding your health and happiness.

You won’t be at your best if along with all your deadlines, all the sugar in your system, not enough exercise and dealing with a boss who you want to castrate just for fun, work can be tough if you’re not careful. So have a look at the info below.

8 Major Ways Your Office Life Is Impeding Your Health and Happiness

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