5 Car Sex Positions That Might Actually Work (Maybe)

Photo: Kris Timken (Getty Images)

There’s nothing worse than getting a girl to go back home with you, only to find out that your parents, annoying roommate, or long-lost relatives have already occupied the house and won’t leave. In these situations, the only option you got left is car sex (if you own a car, that is) although it might be a bit uncomfortable. You can still have the time of your life in your four-wheel machine if you know what you’re doing. Here are 10 car sex positions that will help you and your partner have a great time behind the wheel. Try them out.


We’ll begin with the basics. One of the most common sex positions both in the car and beyond it is certainly the missionary. It is said that the term itself originated from Christian missionaries who, back in the days, encouraged this position for sexual activities as the most appropriate for true Christians. The vehicular version involves moving to the back seat, laying your partner on her back and positioning yourself over her. It’s as simple as it gets but rather effective. Just make sure you’ve got some quality seats back there.


OK, we can’t really say this is actually a position, but more of a car suggestion. If you happen to live in a place with a dominantly hot climate, there’s nothing better than having sex under a clear sky in the back of your flatbed truck. Of course, you need to set it up, maybe even include a mattress? Then you will be able to experiment with all the car sex positions you want. Keep in mind, though, that not every girl is comfortable with getting it on in the back of a truck. In a way, it feels like a Southern thing, but it really doesn’t have to be. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Shotgun Oral

While it’s generally not a good idea to have your partner perform oral on you while you’re driving, it can be quite an exciting experience even in a stationary car. Sit in the driver’s seat and let your partner in on the passenger side. This position is simply perfect for oral, but note that it’s somewhat unfair when it comes to car sex. You have to be willing to switch from time to time and return the favor. If you don’t do that, you’re not really a considerate lover and it’s unlikely that this interesting encounter will happen again.

Love Seat

Back seat of a car is basically made for love. You move to the back with your lover and suddenly you’re like a couple of teenagers all over again no matter how old you really are. So, sit casually in the back seat as if you were a mere, unsuspecting passenger and let your partner climb on top of you in what seems to be a lap dance gone wild. It is a great use of space and, honestly, time. You could also vary it up a bit by turning her around or sideways. The only thing you need to make sure is that your partner doesn’t hit her head too much from bouncing up and down with excitement.

Doggy Style

Let’s face it, every guy enjoys the doggy style. There’s something animalistic and primal in this type of love-making that simply works on a much deeper level. Now, doggy is so versatile that it is also one of the best car sex positions out there because the leather (unless your car is really really cheap) seats are simply great on the knees. If you enjoy public exposure, you could also tell let your lover stretch her head through the window and greet random bystanders. The only thing is that, because of the roof restrictions, you might have to lean forward to your partner’s back a bit more. It’s certainly an even more intimate experience, right?

Car Sex Positions Tips

Of course, there are also some general tips you should have in mind when having car sex. First of all, never have sex and drive. It’s much worse than drunk driving and can have serious repercussions. So, that’s something you should never do for the sake of yourself, your partner and everyone else around. Once that is out of the way, you can think about the rest. For example, those safety belts can actually be pretty useful for some BDSM. You can also use your car air conditioner to pump up the temperature and get that Leo and Kate thing from Titanic going on. Position your mirrors for some extra cool perspectives of your lover. Finally, don’t forget to put some Barry White on to set the mood.

That’s all we have for now on the subject of car sex positions. We could tell you more, but it’s more interesting if we let you discover more by yourself.