Mia Khalifa Calls Out The Cubs’ Wilson Contreras For Sliding Into Her DMs

Photo: Instagram/Mia Khalifa

I think everyone is pretty well aware by now that former porn star Mia Khalifa is not afraid to put people on blast or to tell people how she feels. Hell, she roasted a poor dude who decided to get a tattoo of her face on his leg. And yet Khalifa remains one of the most popular porn stars out there — so popular that even athletes of course are into her. One of those athletes? The Cubs’ catcher Wilson Contreras.

Now Contreras is currently on the DL so it seems he has plenty of time to reach out to the 24-year-old, which is exactly what he did through Twitter. But guess what? Khalifa put him on blast.

Check out the tweet below.

Here’s a closer look.

Screengrab: Twitter/Mia Khalifa

Screengrab: Twitter/Mia Khalifa

Damn, that’s rough. Well, Contreras doesn’t give up, so at least he has no shame it seems. Although he’s going to be roasted in the Cubs’ clubhouse the rest of the season, that’s for sure.

And hey, at least Twitter is giving him props.

h/t NY Daily News

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