Amazon Package Filmed Being Thrown at Customer’s Door By Delivery Driver

A customer filmed an Amazon package allegedly being thrown at their door by a LaserShip delivery driver, with the footage prompting Amazon users to voice concerns over the third-party deliver service.

The video, recorded using a Nest security camera outside the customer’s home, appears to show a LaserShip driver pulling up to the home of the resident, but rather than getting out of his vehicle in order to deliver the parcel he instead hurls the package at the front door. He then quickly reverses and carries on with his day, with the parcel remaining dumped outside the house.

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LaserShip handles Amazon’s deliveries in North America from New England to Florida, with them mostly covering the online retailer’s same day delivery service. While this undoubtedly puts them under pressure to make their deliveries early, it certainly doesn’t warrant this customer’s package being so poorly handled.


The LaserShip driver throws the package at the customer’s home and then promptly speeds away.

Amazon has been receiving complaints about LaserShip for a while now, with the Amazon customer forums containing thousands of posts complaining about the service, from drivers reportedly stealing parcels through to manhandled packages. The Better Business Bureau has also received several complaints about the company.

The video reached the front page of Reddit, where many users have also been complaining about LaserShip’s service. One user wrote: “They constantly claim a package was delivered on time only to deliver it a few days later, or at a neighbors house, or not at all. Lasership is TERRIBLE!!!!” Another added: “Lasership has delivered my package on time and properly exactly once in the 118 orders I’ve made from amazon in the last year (I use it for a lot of home goods and work stuff, I promise I’m not building a box fort). Now lasership maybe made up 10% of those orders, but they’ve always delivered the orders the day after they’re “GUARANTEED” to be there.”

We have reached out to Amazon for comment and will update the story if we receive a response. Watch the video below: