10 Hot Girl Trends All Men Wish Women Would Bring Back To Life

Photo: NBC

When it comes to the best trends, we’re kind of like the all-knowing Yoda. Whether it’s hot girls we wish we’d lost our virginity to or the songs of sex we definitely lost our virginity to, we’ve got it covered. That, and obsolete trends and bands we wish would’ve stayed dead. That’s why we’re spearheading a movement to bring back the ’70s bush and important girl trends of that nature.

Basically, when it comes to the hottest trends, we’re the ones to trust, especially if it’s hot trends men wish women would bring back to life. While some may not seem so extinct or far away, they’re rare to see, despite the ungodly amount of people in the world today. Anything from barbed-wire boobs to blatant thong exposure, they’re all in here, the trends all men want to see women bring back.

So if you know a woman, get to work because these trends aren’t going to resurrect themselves. We recommend starting with the low rider jeans and working our way up to shaved heads, total Britney style. You know we’re right.

10 Hot Trends All Men Wish Women Would Bring Back To Life

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