The Average Sex Time and How To Improve Yours

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When guys talk shop only hourly time increments are used when stating how much their action last night lasted, but those are not the guys who have done the research. Seeing how, according to doctors who have conducted it, actual average sex time is far shorter, and many studies confirm it.

See how you compare with the average, but also how to improve it.

Average Sex Time Studies

Firstly, when talking about average sex time doctors and scholars are regarding about the time increment since the moment of vaginal insertion until the moment of ejaculation. So there is no stat boosting by counting all two minutes of foreplay you think you did by taking off her coat. And yes, oral sex is included as a part of foreplay.

In a 2005 study done in five countries, including the United States, 500 couples were “recruited” and the men, who were older than 18 and had a heterosexual relationship for at least 6 months, measured their sex time. The average time total was 5.4 minutes, but it differed from country to country, with Turkish man having the shortest sex. The age of man was also a significant factor with the ones aged between 18 and 30 had the average sex time of 6.5 minutes, while the ones older than 51 years enjoyed average sex time of 4.3 minutes.

The least someone lasted in this survey was 33 seconds and the most 44 minutes. So, the effortless 30 minutes you see in pornography is not that common in real life.

A 2008 study conducted by Canadian and American sex therapists about how long should intercourse last interviewed couples in order to lay down the reassuring facts on people having psychological sexual problems. They came to notice that sex that lasted from three to seven minutes was considered “adequate”, from seven to 13 minutes was considered “desirable”. Lasting one to two minutes was “too short”.

A survey of 4,400 people done by the sex toy retailer Lovehoney came to the conclusions that 24 percent of couples believe 30 minutes is an ideal timeframe for sex, while 66% think that 15 minutes is enough.

About 24 percent of couples believe half an hour is an ideal timeframe for intercourse and 66 percent believed 15 minutes is enough.

Durex also had its survey and came to the conclusion that the average sex time for couples is eight minutes. So basically, just two The Weeknd songs back to back.

This small table shows the percentage of people compared to their average sex time.

% of the people                    Average sex time

20%                                        1 – 5 minutes

35%                                        6 – 10 minutes

25%                                        11 – 15 minutes

15%                                         15 – 30 minutes

5%                                           longer than 30 minutes

How to Improve Average Sex Time

This will probably reassure you, but lasting longer in bed is still viewed as a desirable trait, and for a reason, so you should definitely try to improve your average sex time. The best way to improve it is to do Kegel exercises so you have a better, stronger control of when you ejaculate.

It’s also a viable option to consider how much good or bad is pornography doing to you. A lot of men become desensitized to a woman’s touch as they’re used to masturbating, so their speed and pattern of thrusts during sex are at the maximum trying to achieve and maintain a strong erection. Which can easily lead to premature ejaculation.

These techniques will not only improve the time you spend having sex, but also the quality of it as you’ll have stronger erections and even better orgasms.

Were the conclusions of studies on the average sex time like you expected or were you surprised? Do you feel reassured or superior now?

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