2017 Father’s Day Small Tech Gift Guide: Put A Lot of Love in a Little Gift

For Father’s Day, it’s not the size of the gift. It’s the size of the heart behind it.

OK. That’s awful. Never mind. I’ll try again: Every Father’s Day, a little present can bring a big smile.

That’s no better. I’m going to cut my losses here and just urge you to consider these compact gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day. We’ve tried all of them and can attest that they’re more effective than my sentimental, fortune cookie phrasing. There. Sorted.

Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger: The name might be a little confusing, so here’s clarification. This device does not charge smart cars. Instead, it will juice up your smartphone or other device double time over your car’s inbuilt USB. If you tap into the charger’s free app, this same plug and play creation will locate your car, monitor a car’s battery power level and track mileage.

FLIR ONE: The idea is simple. The tech is solid. And, the end results seem limitless. The FLIR ONE transforms your smartphone into a thermal camera. Via the plugin device itself and the related free app, this little kit allows the user to examine objects and environments in ways our human eyes could never manage. It’s perfect for utilitarian purposes or for just messing around with your phone.

iClever Portable Folding Wireless Keyboard: The theme of this particular Father’s Day gift guide is also what makes this iClever entry special. It’s compact. There are plenty of wireless keyboards on the market that can pair up with any USB device. This portable folding edition hinges up into  roughly the size of a smaller tablet computer, allowing it to fit in any laptop bag or briefcase.

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We all should’e seen this coming, but the majority of the “little” gifts found here deal with that king of all devices that just so happens to fit daintily into the palm of your hand — the smartphone. From here on in, we’ll stick with that smartphone theme with two more gifts that enhance the tiny machine dads (and the rest of us) carry all day, every day.

LuMee Case: On the mark for any dad who relies on his smartphone camera to capture the highlights of his parental life, the LuMee line of cases pack inbuilt lights designed for professional quality photographs beyond anything a phone’s inbuilt flash can manage. Depending on the model, buyers can end up with a front facing light for selfies and/or a rear light for indoor photography.

Mophie Powerstation Plus: Mophie remains the undisputed champion of extending cellphone battery life, whether via its charger cases or external batteries. The Powerstation Plus is one of the latest entries in the latter category. It offers a switch-tip cable that adapts between Apple and micro USB use while offering at least two additional charges for smartphones or tablets.