Ride On with Cycling Equipment Perfect for Fun

The first official day of summer has passed, and the warm weather has already made its presence known. Skip the artificial breeze of the car or the steamy subways and instead opt in for a cool and sunny ride on a cool and inexpensive bike.

The Juliet Plus by Pure Cycles is not only affordable, but has a stealth look in matte black. Plus there are numerous ways for this bike to go from in the box to under your butt. Ship it to your door, and you can take care of assembly. Alternatively, ship it to your local bike shop, and let them handle it for you. Or, lastly, take advantage of Pure Cycles’ new offering, called Bylt, and you can buy the bike and have it delivered ready to ride. It’s like the UberEats of bicycles.

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While biking doesn’t require to have a fun day in the city, there are some accessories you should pack along. Whether your destination is the beach, the park, or just a few quick stops along your journey, make sure you go prepared. A high tech towel is a smart tote for taking a seat on the grass along the way, even though a sporadic jump into a local body of water is always recommended.

Other cycling equipment include a battery pack to stay charged (like Grapes‘), a water bottle (like one by Mizu Life), and of course a hat for shade. Keep all your stuff organized in an appropriate bag, be it a fanny pack or a light backpack, and wherever you go always take a lock. You never know when a stop into the local grocery store for sustenance will be needed.