Look beyond the specter of mass-produced products lining the aisles of big-box stores and you’ll find a newly invigorated world where craft, quality and community are the driving principles of production. Here, craft workers use traditional methods to create small-batches of goods that beam with thoughtfulness, love, and dedication. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out this ultimate wish list of artisanal goods that skillfully blend function and style. 

Ian Barry meticulously designs, engineers, and assembles motorcycles that are one part ferocious road hog, one part mechanical sculpture. Visually astounding, with a price tag that demands respect, this is functional art of the highest order.

George Nakashima was a giant in the 20th century design world, a woodworker and furniture maker known as one of the fathers of the American craft movement. Though he passed in 1990, his legacy thankfully continues, and his iconic Conoid Chair (presently available) would still be a stunner in any living room.

If you’re in the market for modern lighting made with a traditional mindset, than look no further. “Made not manufactured” is the Niche motto, values that are reflected in the quality and clarity of their hand-blown glass products. 

Ashley Lloyd Thompson is one of the few women in the world who shapes surfboards, and she does so with less of an environmental footprint than the big-named brands. Using Polyurethane foam instead of polyester resin, Lloyd’s boards reflect her eco-conscious  love for  traditional longboarding.

A small batch, luxury goods brand making waves in the eyewear world, Jacques Marie Mage glasses are manufactured in Japan using advanced techniques that stem from the golden age of eyewear production. Over 100 hands touch each sophisticated spectacle before it lands on your beautiful face.

Go from domestic muckraker to celebrated moonshine-maker with this home distillation kit, consisting of a 5 gallon copper still handmade by master coppersmiths so that you can partake in the ancient craft of whiskey-making and swill as much of the spirit as your engorged little heart desires.