Man of the Bar | The Perfect Whiskey For Every Occasion

Photo: Hinterhaus Productions (Getty Images). 

The world is saturated with alcohol options and the amount of choices can be overwhelming. There seems to be dozens of craft breweries in every town in America, and more styles of wine than past and current members of Santana. As for liquor, you could write hundreds of books (and people have) on all the different variations and you will still barely cause a ripple on the surface.

Yet, there is indeed a deserving drink for every situation, and no booze is as versatile and effective as the king of brown spirits: Whiskey (or whisky).  From rye to bourbon, Scotch to moonshine, rest assured that there’s a perfect whiskey for every life event, no matter how significant.

At The Bar With Your Buds

If you’re out with your friends at a bar, beer after beer can get old fast. You can only drink so many IPAs before you need to move on to something different. That’s where Jameson Irish Whiskey comes in. This Irish Whiskey is a bar staple for good reason. It’s smooth, subtly sweet and the perfect accompaniment to good times with good friends. Have it as a quick shot, or sip it on the rocks.

On a Tinder Date

First dates can be rough. You always need a way to bridge the awkward greetings and explanation of your jobs and your whole life’s journey leading up to that moment. You could buy her a beer or a glass of chardonnay, but nothing gets people talking better than a nice glass of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s a well-made, balanced bourbon that adds a little class to the glass.

At a Business Lunch

Sometimes, drinking whiskey at lunch is grounds for an intervention. This is not the case with business lunches. If you are dining with a co-worker or an important client, pairing your food with a fine whiskey is a must. Even if you’re not a high-roller, you can still make an impression by ordering drams of Macallan 12 or Macallan 18. These two classic offerings from one of the most beloved Scotch distilleries in the world pair perfectly with work-related lunches.

At a Wedding

Depending on the budget, wedding bars can be a vast wasteland of cheap, headache-inducing spirits and wines. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a flask of your own whiskey just in case the options are less than ideal. Fill it with WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey, take a sip and get out there on the dance floor and bust a move.

Meeting her Parents

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time is one of the scariest life events possible. It’s slightly scarier than a root canal. To help with anxiety, it’s okay to have a drink (or two). Just don’t go crazy, and follow her father’s lead. If he orders a whiskey than it’s game on. Start by ordering Kavalan Single Malt. Sure, you could go for a classic Scotch or bourbon, but ordering this award-winning Taiwanese whisky is sure to impress him.

Around a Campfire

The drink most often associated with campfires is beer. That’s probably because of summer-related advertisements showing young people drinking Coronas or Bud Lights seated around the glow of a bonfire. But, there are few things more relaxing than sipping whiskey while you watch the flames slowly dance. Sitting there, you can almost taste the smoke. So, why not pour yourself a glass of High West Campfire, a perfect combination of rye, bourbon and peated Scotch whisky.

After a Major Life Event

Major life events of a positive nature require celebration. Maybe you graduated from college or finally got that big promotion you were working towards. Sure, you can pop open a bottle of champagn, but that’s so obvious! Instead, tap that expensive bottle of whiskey you’ve been saving for a special occasion, especially if it’s a Glenfiddich 18-Year Ancient Reserve. It’s sweet, smoky, balanced, and the perfect whisky for a special occasion.