How To Get Ripped Like A Greek God

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While having a lot of gym-produced mass might be deemed by some people as unattractive, there is literally no one who doesn’t think that looking ripped is bad or unwanted. Even elderly people commend it, although you don’t think about earning your grandma’s compliments when you’re in the gym. But every girl likes the chiseled look too, they love passing their fingers over every tear muscles creates and your body becomes a billboard pickup line, so you should really consider how to get ripped, and not just because of that. You’ll definitely feel powerful seeing every muscle that a human can have when you look in the mirror.

Luckily, the things you need to do to achieve getting ripped are pretty simple and easy to follow.

Eat less

Truly a no brainer, as you can’t out work out a bad diet. Running two miles at a moderate pace only burns around 250 calories, which is the same of amount of calories you intake when you eat a mere cup of rice. You don’t need to actually eat fewer things, although it obviously helps and speeds up the process, you need to eat smarter. The best way to do this is to reserve eating carbs only after resistance training like weight lifting or calisthenics and if that’s too much for you, eat them just on the days you work out. For rest days ingest a lot of green vegetables and protein.

Smart cardio

People think that cardio is the most important aspect of the answer for how to get cut, and while it’s of paramount importance, it’s necessary to utilize it intelligently to cut back on the needless energy and time loss. People flock to the elliptical machines when gunning for losing calories, and they stay on there for hours, watching their favorite shows on gym’s TVs. But it’s far better to utilize high-intensity training, like sprinting or burpees at a very high pace. Just think about who are the most ripped athletes of them all? Sprinters. Nobody wants to look like a long-distance runner, therefore do 10-15 short sprints with rest in between and you’re set. Ideally, after a workout. Normal walking is a good alternative for people who don’t want to or can do high-intensity track. An hour long walk should be enough and can be quite meditative in addition.

Isolation exercises

Getting ripped without doing isolation exercises isn’t truly possible. Isolation exercises are exercises that involve only one joint and a limited number of muscle groups and are therefore the opposite of compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Isolation exercises help to improve a certain aspect of the body that needs more work done, and since it’s dealing with such a specific, small part of the body it helps make it pop up. The examples are dumbbell flyes, barbell shrugs, preacher curls, hamstrings curls and so on.

Water, water, water

This ought to be the norm whether you want to take care of your fitness or not, as it is the body’s cleaner, everything bad gets flushed with it, and it helps you perform better. Aim for a gallon of water every day, which might seem like too much until you actually try it and realize that it’s doable. Expel soft drinks from your life and replace them with water, take a big bottle and put it next to you while you’re work and in no time it will be depleted.

Sleep more

The most overlooked aspect of getting towards the fitness goals must be getting enough sleep. Giving the body time to recover is of paramount importance as testosterone levels in the body drop when there’s not enough time under the blankets. Aiming for eight hours of sleep is optimal, but adjust it to your needs with no vast deviations from the general rule unless you’re a professional athlete or a steroid user. Also, the more time you sleep is the more time you don’t eat, unless you’re a hungry, skilled sleep walker.

Time your rests

Studies have shown that doing a certain number of repetitions can have the best effect on muscle growth while doing less or more impacts strength or endurance. For muscle growth, the range is 7-12 reps. But that doesn’t mean doing 8 reps with whatever weight, you should pick weights with which you can’t do more than 12 reps with correct form. Also, time the rests between your sets and they should be one minute long for maximum growth.

Train early

In order to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit so you burn more calories than you intake them, and also by burning the calories you have stored in your body in the form of fat. A great way to do that is by working out first thing in the morning while you don’t have any new nutrients to use as fuel, so your body uses the stored fat.

Visual trick

The know-how of how to get toned is greatly about the visible side of it, and nothing helps it better than lightning as every person has that favorite mirror in which they look more ripped than in others around the house. Since carrying a mirror around is a difficult task the next best thing to do in order for muscles to pop up is to get tanned. Darker skin better displays every cut in the body, which is why professional bodybuilders paint their bodies in bronze for those competitions.

Doing all the things at once will give you the results in the shortest time which will help you stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals.

Do you have some other proven tips on how to get ripped?

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