2017 Graduating Graduation Season Gift Guide…For Graduates

Today’s graduates enter a world of political upheaval, international religious violence, technology-driven unemployment and growing negative cultural sentiment directed at their generation.

So maybe cut them some slack and cheer them up as they matriculate with a thoughtful graduation gift. It might be something that helps them fight the job world. You might supply them a diversion or something that adds a little joy to their early workplace slogs.

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Below you’ll find a gallery of gift ideas for the 2017 graduation crowd. From practical tools to frivolous toys, any of the items below will tell the grad you have his or her back as they take up arms against a sea of 21st century troubles. (That’s a mixed metaphor, Shakespeare.) And, every single item here was tested live, in-hand.

Of course, you could always just say congratulations with something from this lineup and salute an accomplishment too often taken for granted — gaining an education.