Student Gets Kicked Out Of Her College’s Gym Simply For Her Outfit Of Choice

Photo: Facebook

You don’t even have to look at what this student was wearing to know that the folks behind this decision are just complete idiots. But let me explain.

A 19-year-old student named Sarah Villafañe took it to Facebook recently to vent after she was kicked out of the gym at her college, the College of Charleston. And the reason behind it? Well apparently university staff members kicked her out of the gym because the crop top she was wearing needed to be “full coverage,” and to them it wasn’t.

What do you think? Check out the outfit in question thanks to Villafañe’ Facebook.

As you can tell by her reaction, she clearly doesn’t agree. And neither do I, as this is the same basic outfit that a lot of women wear when they work out. Unless the College of Charleston wants women to completely cover themselves head to toe.

Here’s how Villafañe described the incident:

“So I just got kicked out of the College of Charleston student gym for wearing this outfit. Like not allowed to work out. Not allowed to because of THIS OUTFIT THAT I BOUGHT SPECIFICALLY TO WORK OUT IN. I’ve worn this same outfit all day. Went to 3 classes and spoke personally with each of my professors today and they didn’t have a problem. But when I walked into the gym they asked me to put on a different shirt.”

And here’s what Villafañe told Today (yes, she made it to Today)

“Many people have told me that they have seen girls wearing similar outfits to mine in the CofC gym, as well as men wearing muscle tees that expose their midriffs.

It is interesting to me that the men I have seen wearing jeans in the gym (a quite obvious violation of their one dress code rule, ‘Athletic attire must be worn’) were not bothered or kicked out for not abiding by the dress code rules.”

A guy that wears jeans to the gym is clearly an idiot as well.

Well there is nothing wrong with this outfit, and this is just another example that proves how absurd and ridiculous some schools are. This is so upsetting I think it’s time we check out more of this gal thanks to her Instagram.

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I feel better.

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