Instagram Feud Gets Violent As Model Attacks TV Host At Gym, Leaves Bite Marks On Her

Photo: Instagram/Osmariel Villalobos

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, an Instagram feud. That’s a thing now.

You don’t know who either of these two ladies are unless you’ve followed their career but chances are you haven’t. It seems like former beauty queen and current TV host, 28-year-old Osmariel Villalobos has been in a long feud with 30-year-old model Diosa Canales. The women have been going back and forth on social media for two years ever since Villalobos criticized Canales for constantly posting naked photos on her social media accounts. And well, that didn’t rub Canales the right way. Here’s just one of Canales’ photos.

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And this is Villalobos.

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It all came to a head when both women actually bumped into each other at a gym in Venezuela. And what’s the aftermath of that encounter? Well Villalobos was left with a dislocated thumb, scratches on her neck, bite marks on her legs and she is now wearing a neck brace after Canales attacked her.

Take a look at this photo that Villalobos shared on her Instagram.

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Here’s how Villalobos described the incident, which kicked off after Canales came out of the gym bathroom and said this to her: “Tomorrow (during a TV show) I will destroy you.”

“I did not listen to her, I did not even look at her… and it only made her angry. She grabbed me, I pushed her and she threw herself at me with all her strength, with all her rage, with all her hatred. I have never seen a person with such anger in their face, in their heart. I feel that if there had been a knife… she would have killed me there, in the bathroom, without hesitation.”

Canales of course had a different story.

“I know it’s difficult to think that it was not me (who was violent), as I have been, but that was a past in my life,” Canales said, adding that it was Villalobos who lost her marbles after Canales told her she would be revealing some truths about the ex-beauty queen.

“I told her I would be revealing some truths about her on the show ‘Saturday night,’ and that she knows what I’m going to say, then she got angry and comes over to me,” Canales adds.

Playing the self-defense card is tough when the opposite party has bite marks all over their legs. It’s pretty clear that Canales is insane. But hey, she did offer a public apology to Villalobos even though “she attacked me.” So yes, it’s a half-ass apology.

h/t Daily Mail

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