Woman Calls Out Cheating ‘Sh*thead’ Boyfriend In Positive Restaurant Review

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Well, at least she enjoyed the restaurant.

Recently, a woman named Alison Chappell from Leicester, England, headed out to a restaurant called Sutlers. And apparently she enjoyed the restaurant so much that she took it to Facebook to inform Sutlers of that. Well, that’s not all. Chappell also decided to add that it was at Sutlers that she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. Now that’s one way to make a dinner memorable.

Chappell still went out of her way to write a positive review of the restaurant, and in the same review bashed the hell out of her now ex-boyfriend. The post has since been removed from Facebook after it went viral, but you can check it out below.

Here was Chappell’s review:

Photo: Facebook

Um, awkward.

As you can see, Chappell was having a lovely time until she realized her boyfriend got a Tinder message, which then led to him being dumped, and him being called a “lying cheating shithead.” Makes sense.

And well, Sutlers had their own response.

Photo: Facebook

That’s right, an “absolute cad.” Whatever that means.

Chappell added:

Photo: Facebook

Well, that is sort of a happy ending, right? At least someone is going to get drunk it seems. Probably Chappell.

h/t Daily Mail

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