Kegel Exercises for Men: The Know How

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While Kegels are more known amongst the female population, there are also Kegels for men, exercises of the pelvic floor which strengthen the muscles present there and have a lot of benefits, both health and performance-wise. In this neat guide, you’ll find out all you need to know about Kegel exercises for men.

While the main purpose of male Kegels is to strengthen the pelvic muscles in order to stop urinary leakage, they can also help men who don’t have these problems to have stronger, longer erections, firmer control over ejaculation, and more enjoyable orgasms. If that doesn’t get you motivated to do something, nothing will. But motivation shouldn’t even be brought into question, as Kegel’s men exercise are really simple, easy, and can be done in no time.

Kegels were invented by an American gynecologist Arnold Kegel in the middle of the last century, and since then they have helped men and women worldwide take back control over their bodies. For men, they are primarily a weapon to help control urination, which can be a problem after prostate removal due to cancer, diabetes, old age or other.

How to do Kegel Exercises for Men

In order to do Kegel exercises for men, you must first locate these muscles as they are not visible like biceps, triceps or whatever else. The best way to do it is to stop or try to your flow of urine half way during urination, and the muscles you do that with are your pelvic muscles. You also, hopefully, use them when you prevent passing of gas from your behind, so they are familiar to you and you have used them almost daily without knowing it.

It’s important not to tense the muscles of your buttocks, legs, or abdomen while doing Kegels, and also not to hold your breath.

Utilizing or squeezing pelvic muscles gives the sensation of pulling in your body, to be somewhat precise, you will feel it under your scrotum. If you have a problem with doing the exercise at first, try doing them while laying down on your back, as that is known to help some.

How Much Kegels Should You Do

As with training every muscle, you shouldn’t overdo it, and when you start – you start small. Since you’re not lifting dumbbells with your pelvic muscles that just means you should regulate for how many seconds you hold in each squeeze, and how many repetitions you should do.

At first go for five second squeezes followed by five-second rest, and do 10 repetitions per session. You should do three sessions per day, but not in succession, spread them out, and do them every day. For instance, do one during your morning commute, one while coming back from work, and the third one before you go to sleep, but it’s up to you. They are just a great, useful pass time, and a minute extra at the bank line won’t be idle and pointless anymore.

If they appear to be too hard to you at first do them exclusively lying down, and then build up to standing Kegels. You can elongate the squeeze increments after a month or so and do 10 second-squeezes, with 10-second rest between them. To make sure you’re consistent with the exercise, make an excel with three cells per day that you need to check every time you do this healthy task.

After about three to six weeks you should see the benefits of your labor. If you had a problem with urinary incontinence, your underwear should be dry by then, and hopefully, your partner will feel the difference in bed. But also you, not only will you be able to easier control when you ejaculate so you’ll be a step closer to your dream of becoming a porn star, but you’ll also have far stronger orgasms.

Which makes Kegel exercises for men in a way, the most lowkey superpower there is. Expect a movie by Marvel pretty soon.

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