Going Down the Rabbit Hole on the Easter Bunny, the Creepiest Mascot for a Christian Holiday

Photo: via Buzzfeed

When the wicker baskets begin to overflow with chocolate goose eggs and jelly beans, scattered across the living room with fake green grass (the tinsel of springtime), only one religious holiday can be polluting the air: Easter. And when it comes to this grandiose celebration, a pre-Thanksgiving of sorts, the first question that comes to mind is obvious: What the hell does a bunny have to do with Easter anyway?

Well, supposedly the Protestant German immigrants brought the idea over in the 1700s with their egg-laying “Osterhase,” German for Easter hare. Their bunny would lay colored eggs in colorfully decorated nests and baskets made by children. Fast forward to today and, of course, Americans have Americanized yet another country’s unique tradition into a Hallmark-heavy, card-pumping, diabetic delivery of a holiday.

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But it’s our job to warn you about going down the rabbit hole with the Easter Bunny, a once loved hare of the community and now the creepiest mascot possible for a Christian holiday. Don’t let his soft fur and delicious candies distract you from the truth: These bunnies can’t be trusted. Now find out the painful truth…