How to Pick Up Girls at the Beach

Photo: sborisov (Getty Images)

There are a number of reasons why picking up girls at the beach is a great idea. First of all, everything you do is a lot more casual on a sun-bathed sand. Girls tend to adopt that sunny disposition and won’t be so prone to rejecting you. Another great thing about beach girls is the fact that you get to check out their bodies before you even decide to approach them. Yes, looks are not everything, but let’s be honest – that is usually the first thing that attracts us to each other. This way you (as well as them) know what you’re in for right away. Finally, even if you do get rejected for some reason, you still get to enjoy a nice day at the beach. So, let’s get to it.

Prepare Yourself

Firstly, we need to get one thing straight. If you want to pull off a good-looking girl, it’s only sensible that you should look decent as well. So, hit the gym while you can. Make yourself at least presentable, but don’t overdo it. Some people tend to get lost in their efforts to look perfect that they forget what it’s all for. Don’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Girls usually don’t like guys who care about their looks more than they care about them. So, go to the gym, lift a couple of weights, do some jogging and that’s it. It’s all you need to get over the appearance phase successfully.

Choose the Right Spot

Now, once you get to the beach, you need to establish a base, in a way. You need to choose a spot for your towel that is both close to the water and to the girls you’re trying to hit on, without being over-intrusive. A lot of websites will tell you to choose a spot next to a cluster of girls, so you would have a better shot, but that’s plainly wrong. In the same way that a wolf needs to separate his prey from the flock, you need to focus on a single girl and give her all your attention. If that’s not possible, aim for the ones that are in a group but not engaged in any form of conversation with the others. It could mean that they’re also looking for someone else to start a conversation with. You should also avoid families with small children since it could ruin the mood.

Make Her Notice You

Once you’ve set up your perfect position, the next move involves standing out somehow. You’ll want the girl to notice you before you actually approach her so that you’ll have some basis for a conversation. How you’ll do it depends a lot on your set of skills. This can involve playing guitar, juggling, dancing, or whatever else you can come up with. In case you don’t possess any of these skills, you could simply go for the basic Daniel Craig routine, although this might mean a few more hours at a gym. If all else fails, just trip near her or spray her with some sand “accidentally.” Like it is with most celebrities – there’s no bad publicity. You just need to get noticed.

Share an Activity

The best way to break the initial ice is to invite her to do some activity with you. This is where that cluster of girls might come in handy, especially if you’ve also brought your mates along. Invite her over for a game of beach volley or something similar to that. This physical activity works on a subconscious level and brings you two closer, regardless of whether you say anything or not. An odd look here and there is all you need to know she’s considering you for a potential love interest. You will most likely need to learn a thing or two about body language and whether or not the girl likes you. Once you master it, you will start to notice all those little hints she gives out from time to time.


When you’re confident enough that she’s noticed you and perhaps even indicated that she likes you back, it’s time to move in. Now, we can’t really tell you how to make a small talk with a girl because it differs from one girl to the next. What we can tell you, however, is that no girl is truly immune to a kind-hearted compliment, so you should try to subtly include a couple of them in the conversation. Also, a great starting point would be that common experience you’ve had like playing beach volley. Insert a couple of jokes and you’re in. Remember that while the first impressions do count, they often have anything to do with what you actually say. Most girls don’t even focus on what is being said, but the manner in which it was conveyed. So, try to establish a friendly and natural atmosphere and that’s all there is to it.

Have you ever approached girls on the beach? How did it go? Share your experience with us.