Romance Is Still Alive At Least Judging By This Successful Convo On Tinder

Photo: Reddit

Tinder is a complete and utter mess, and it takes quite some luck to have a successful moment on there. But between all the hot gals showcasing their sex skills, and the occasional dude dropping some lime puns, there aren’t exactly a lot of situations where someone can point at and say “look, these strangers on Tinder met up, and now they have been a couple for years.” Well, that is until now.

It all started when some dude matched with an 18-year-old gal on Tinder named Leanna. Now of course, this guy took one look at Leanna’s bio and immediately swiped right. Let’s first take a look at her bio thanks to Reddit.

Romantic Is Still Alive According To This Successful Convo On Tinder

Photo: Reddit

She seems like a nice gal, right? Leanna is honest, and she ended her bio with a smiley face. Nothing can go wrong there.

And here’s the convo that went down when this dude, known as HydraInfinite on Reddit, matched up with her.

Photo: Reddit

What a love story. So, your grandparents met up in a flower shop during the war? Big deal, these lovebirds met up on Tinder, and all thanks to an ex who wasn’t well endowed. Now that’s romantic.

Here’s hoping they get their fireball and have the happiest of happy endings.

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