Ferrari F80 Concept Supercar Promises to Hit 310 MPH

There’s an ongoing battle amongst a handful of supercar manufacturers to build the fastest available production car. Ferrari just jumped back into that fight with its latest concept car.

While different automakers keep wrestling the “fastest” title from Bugatti (until Bugatti takes it back), Ferrari seemed content to make a line of the world’s most popular supercars. It hadn’t bothered much with the “fastest” title for a while before the announcement of the F80.

This one of a kind build uses a hybrid drivetrain linking a KERS system with a highly efficient internal combustion engine. The resulting power plat rejects a V12 monster for a twin-turbo V8.

All piled up, the machine employs that produce 1,200 horsepower — in a car weighing just under 1,800 pounds. According to Ferrari’s numbers, that insane power to weight ratio would offer a 0-60 mph time of 2.2 seconds.

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While the car would have to be limited to make sure its tires can keep a contact patch earthbound, Ferrari puts the F80’s unlimited top speed at 310 – more than 20 mph faster than the current speed Champion Bugatti Chyron.

There’s no need to mention that there are few places on Earth anyone can drive a car north of 300 mph (or that few humans in existence could handle any vehicle at that speed) because the point is it can be designed and can be built. That’s what concept cars are about in or out of auto shows.

Of course, the car is just a concept at this point. But, Ferrari has the engine the car would uses already in service and the means to shape the car’s futuristic styling. It’s only up to Italy’s best to decide if the F80 or something very much like it will roll for real.