The Biggest Home Design Trends Of 2016 Are…

Sure we’ve curated a healthy number of the best and worst designs over the past few months. But looking back at 2016, despite our own well intentioned design advice there were events that bucked common sense, prevailing as the go-to design wisdom of everyday people. The results are in and after quite a lengthy bit of research, Next Day Blinds has published its own findings sourced through Google Surveys of more than 1,000 people polled.

After having a steady go at 2016, there is ample evidence to pinpoint which interior design style is most on trend for 2017. And no, it’s not the modular living phenomenon. Thankfully. The one to watch going into 2017 is the modern farmhouse, according to the research. This isn’t exactly a surprise to us. We’ve naturally gushed over the resurgence of cabins in the woods or cabins even in the heart of the urban jungle.

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What is clear is that the style abandons pinning its hopes on any futuristic look for something understated, classic and traditional. Everything from the simple source material of wood to the uncomplicated idea of making things compact and homely are the ideological nuts and bolts of the modern farmhouse that the proverbial Jack built. 

Modern cabin. Photo courtesy of The Paoli Group.

But here’s a finding we didn’t see coming — while one would stereotypically think that women are the trendsetters and decision makers when it comes to interior design, it actually turns out that men care more about brand names than women do. 60.8% of men versus 39.2% of women prioritized brand name in 2016. How’s that for shaking up gender roles?

But when it came down to what generation of home owners cared most about their home, it seemed like 25-34 year olds were most preoccupied with keeping up with the Joneses. Another interesting tidbit was that millennials were 3 times as likely as baby boomers to make a design update to their home. What does that tell us? Change is good. And it’s equally good to feel at home, regardless of the trends.