Tinder Woman Loses All Her Damn Marbles After Date Cancels On Her

Photo:  inhauscreative (Getty)

I understand that having someone cancel on you after you have been looking forward to seeing that person can be tough. We have all been there before, and I’m sure we have all acted a certain way we now regret or even said things we wish we hadn’t. But that is nothing compared to the lengths that some people go to to absolutely make sure the other person knows exactly how they feel. And sometimes it’s downright scary.

Take for example the woman who threatened a guy after he postponed their date by one hour. Or take a look at the fella who went bonkers after being rejected. These are just some examples of how not to act. And yet the woman below probably takes the cake with her behavior.

Shared on Reddit, the following conversation on Tinder occurred after a guy makes other plans with someone else after he stops hearing from this 29-year-old woman. Well, let’s just say she wasn’t a fan of that. Take a look at what went down.

Tinder Woman Loses All Her Damn Marbles After Date Cancels On Her

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And according to the person who shared this that last part actually came from a different phone number. So holy hell she was on a mission to knockdown this “ginger troll.” I want to believe they made up and went on a date and laughed about this later on. But probably not.

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