The Moen U Lets You Pre-Heat Your Shower From Your Bed

The Holiday season may be over but it’s still gruesomely cold outside, so this new gadget from Moen shower may be just what the doctor ordered as you try to keep yourself warm in the New Year.

Moen’s U is an awfully titled but incredibly useful device that effectively allows you to pre-heat your shower before stepping into it, ensuring that you needn’t move from your bed until you’ve guaranteed that you’re going to be immediately greeted by nice, warm water. Connecting to your smartphone via the Internet of Things, the U is either accessible from your mobile device or from its wall-mounted control panel, allowing users to customize their individual settings.


The U allows users to select from up to 12 presets, along with adjusting shower head configurations and temperature on the fly. After setting up your shower, the U will then send you a notification on your mobile device informing you when it’s ready, before pausing the shower to ensure that no water is unnecessarily wasted.

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The waterproof control panel for the U can be mounted in the shower, with its interface allowing you to turn it on/off and reset it after it has engaged its warm-up mode. It accommodates both 2- and 4-outlet showers, with users also able to utilize its interface in order to adjust their settings while washing.

Getting out of bed is arguably one of the more difficult tasks we’ll face as we all start a brand new year, so we’re glad a company has sought to make the process a little easier for us as we crawl into 2017. Take a look at Moen’s U in the video below: