Mark Zuckerberg Filmed His Child’s First Steps in 360-Degrees For Everyone To Watch

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has released a video showing his daughter taking her first steps, only the billionaire has upped the ante considerably by way of making it a 360 degree video.

Zuckerberg’s young daughter, Max, has begun taking her first steps. While that’s a proud moment for any parent, when you’re one of the richest men on Earth you therefore celebrate such an occasion far more lavishly that anyone else. The end result is a Facebook video recorded with a 360 degree camera, allowing viewers to take an unprecedented glimpse at the Zuckerberg household while watching Max stumble towards her mega rich dad.

Max is the one-year-old daughter of Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, who both run the Chan Zuckerberg charity together. In December of last year Zuckerberg penned an open letter to his daughter, in which he stated that her birth had inspired him to pledge 99% of his earnings to his charitable endeavors.

You can watch the 360 degree video below: