2016 Audio Gadgets Gift Guide | Do You Hear What I Hear?

There are a handful of obvious trends this holiday season in the audio gadgets markets. Everything in the headphones and speaker department, etc., is in high demand — and competition is fierce as companies look to design just the right device in just the right size for the best customer fit. And, finally, we’re seeing the last of cords in the audio gadgets biz.

So, this guide offers a goodly amount of potential high tech gifts. Some play back your favorite music. Some will help you record some yourself. Most exist safely in the world of Bluetooth.

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We start off with the Blue Microphone Raspberry. Another in the companies now well-established line of top shelf consumer mikes, the Raspberry is one of Blue’s most compact models. The mobile condenser microphone is good to go for voice and instruments for voice and instruments, employing 24-bit sound directly to a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. The Raspberry also puts to use Blue’s new Internal Acoustic Diffuser design to simulate professional studio mikes.

You can put your ear to the ground for the rest of these audio gadgets in the gallery below.


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