Holiday Gift Guide | We Know the Gifts You Need Based on Your Style

Photo: Modern Artist Ornament Set 1, from the MoMA Design Store.

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When they say, “It’s the thought that counts,” what they really mean is, “You know me. You really gave it some good, solid thought. You didn’t just go out and pick up any old thing, but sat down and reflected on my character and tastes.” Now granted, that takes a lot of work, so Crave is simplifying things by presenting 8 style archetypes, and a selection of gifts that would assuredly suit their needs.

Forbidden Fruit bow tie from Rock Avenue

The Urbanite

The dandy is back and better than before, as he cuts a dashing figure combining old school tradition and new school tastes, a timeless example of power of sartorial style to stand out among the crowd.

Earlier this year we featured Shantrelle P. Lewis’s definitive guide Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style (Aperture), showing how to get it done – and within the book are profiles on designers like Rock Avenue, the haberdasher based in New Orleans that produces the finest bowties, neckties, and pocket squares all made in the United States. Through the influence of the modern dandy movement, the bowtie is back on the scene, reimagined in incredible colors, patterns, and fabrics that say, “Well, hot damn!” Starting at $20.

Jay-Z, photographed by Jamil GS, available from A Thousand Words

The Streetwise

From Jay-Z to NWA, A Thousand Words makes the best t-shirts celebrating the legends of Hip Hop, guaranteed to turn heads when you’re rocking them on the block. These are the ultimate Ts for folks in the know, whether they’re donning the Fort Apache shirt or the K-Rob vs. Rammellzee “Beat Bop” album cover designed by Jean-Michel Basquiat, or kickin’ it old school with the “Fame” joint.

A Thousand Words (aka ATW) is an extension of my life as an artist, designer, historian and entrepreneur,” owner James “Koe” Rodriguez told us earlier this year. “Everything I’ve done in the past has prepared me for today, and tomorrow. Being stocked in Paris, Berlin, Australia, Korea, Japan and Dubai has definitely been earned, not given. Our shirts are on the backs of devout Hip-Hoppers, popular street artists, actors, musicians, best selling writers, directors, footwear designers, legendary DJs, lawyers, and even other brand owners. I’m totally honored and humbled by all the love and support.” Starting at $35.

House of Ladosha Versace inspired t-shirt

The Radical

The House of Ladosha is New York City’s flyest crew, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and making money moves. Ladosha brings together fashion, music, performance, photography, video, and the underground ballroom scene produce cutting-edge art.

In conjunction with the exhibition Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon, now on view at the New Museum in New York, the House of Ladosha presents an exclusive line of t-shirts for the true radical. From the 2Pac “Thug Life” tats to the re-envisioned Versace, Ramones, and Cats t-shirts, Ladosha will definite get the heads swerving and the tongues wagging as they set it off. Starting at $35.

Exclusive Rolling Stones collaborations available at Colette

The Hard Rock

After 20 years at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle, Colette, Paris’s premier emporium, will close its doors this December. The ultimate shopping destination for industry insiders and tourists alike, Colette was dubbed “the trendiest store in the world” by no less than Forbes.

But before they go, now’s your shot to scoop up pieces from their exclusive collaboration with The Rolling Stones. You heard that right. The legendary rock group has partnered with Colette and designers Amiri and PSG to create a line of apparel for the diehard rock fan. And while you’re there, just take a look around – for you will never see the likes of this again. We celebrated Colette’s amazing history earlier this year and thank them for all they’ve done to transform the retail experience. Starting at $47.

Lacroix 30 ans CL x BK Men shirt n°1 by Grégoire Alexandre

The Artist

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the famed House of Christian Lacroix and what better way to celebrate that with an exclusive collaboration with Crave fave multimedia artist Brian Kenny?

Together, they have launched a signature capsule collection that re-imagines the vibrant, baroque aesthetics of Lacroix for the new millennium. Among the exquisite items are embroidered patches and pins, iPhone cases and stationery, and t-shirts and sweatshirts all bearing Kenny’s original designs that will appeal to the most cultivated aesthetes who simply must stay ahead of the curve. Starting at $90.

Barranco Poncho from Outerknown

The Outdoorsman

Eleven-time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater and acclaimed designer John Moore founded Outerknown with the belief that we have a responsibility to make clothing that respects the world around us. Their clothing is environmentally friendly and draws on sustainable resources – perfect for the outdoor-minded man.

As the weather cools off, layering is critical. The outdoorsman needs comfortable, breathable clothes that allow him to experience the pleasures of nature as he goes about his business. To this end, Outerknown has a great line of Ponchos made from Peruvian cotton and baby alpaca blend yarns that are soft, warm, and sturdy as they are stylish. Starting at $245.

Drake’s Haberdasher Natural Geelong Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper

The Classic Conservative

The classic conservative knows that being well dressed down not require any flashy, splashy pizzazz. He believes that the spotlight shines from within, and he doesn’t require any bells or whistles to get attention. For him, the art of style is one of subtle effects – quality materials, elegant cuts, and perfect fits.

Nothing is as versatile (or elegant, comfortable, and warm) as a classic crewneck sweater. Drake’s Haberdasher Natural Geelong Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper, made in Scotland, comes in camel and navy blue – two colors assured to match everything he already owns. Earlier this year we went behind the scenes of Drake’s with photographer Kevin Davies to take a look at this celebrated East London company that has been producing the finest menswear for the past 40 years. Starting at $255.

Mert and Marcus, XXL Edition from Taschen

The Playboy

“Want to come up and see my etchings” was old code for “Netflix and Chill” used throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by playboys of yore. Nowadays, the world has gone slack, thinking “Stranger Days” is enough to seduce the fair sex. But the playboy of today knows that finer things are the move.

Taschen – which just won the Lucie Award for Book Publisher of the Year – has just released Mert and Marcus, a XXL-sized limited edition featuring 300 photographs that are as sexy as they are seductive, weaving viewers into a spell. There’s nothing quite like paging through photograph after photograph of sexually-charged photographs of women like Rihanna, J-Lo, and Gisele to set the mood. Because we all know the Playboy’s style is never fashion – it’s approach. $700.

Miss Rosen is a journalist covering art, photography, culture, and books. Her byline has appeared in L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Online, The Undefeated, Dazed Digital, Aperture Online, and Feature Shoot. Follow her on Twitter @Miss_Rosen.


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