Hipster Christmas Beards Are Terrifyingly Beautiful


It wouldn’t be Christmas without some clever hipster innovations involving beards, holiday decorations and Pabst Blue Ribbon. While you may have been hoping for a white Christmas, there is a 100-percent chance of it raining hipsters on your holidays. Enjoy these trending hipster Christmas beards that are as clever as they are terrifyingly beautiful. You can also check how hipsters have ruin everything, in case you are one and are curious as to how you’ve, you know, ruined everything. Let’s just call that a Christmas miracle, and proceed to checking out all these hair gems.

Hipster Christmas Beards Are Terrifyingly  Beautiful

This is probably your reaction.


So now that you’ve see all those beards, are you inspired to get your beard into the Christmas mood? What’s that? You don’t have a beard? You can’t grow one as much as you try to? And it took No Shave November to prove to yourself that you can only grow about a handful of hairs on your face in a month? Well that is quite a depressing way to find out.

Well, regardless, go out there and spread some holiday cheer.

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