Zelip Redefines Design Sur Mesure in France

Sur Mesure is the French way of creating on demand. Luxury items and goods are typically relegated to this sort of space: everything from custom-made suits to jewelry. Enter home furnishings and décor. Lo and behold, in the advent of a connected society, along comes a design firm that endeavors to round up more than 1,000 designers and match them specifically to the needs of the home owner. Get acquainted with Zelip.

A Zelip-made chair. Photo courtesy of Zelip.

It’s like going on a speed date, having swiped through Tinder candidates until you land on the one that fits your needs. The results are nothing short of impressive.

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How does it work? You are the boss. You detail your budget, needs of the space and the scope and style of the project to be undertaken. The designer then comes in and works his or her magic.

Finding adequate design support and furnishings in today’s market has a lot of buyers scratching their heads in frustration. Often price dictates the final result. With Zelip, furnishings are created specifically for the space in which you live for the price that you can afford.


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