Anyone Want To Buy A Pair Of These 3D Wolf Boxers That Make Your Junk The Center Of Attention?

Photo: James Gritz (Getty)

Get ready to sit back and read the most important bit of news you’ll read all day.

There are plenty of weird things out there that are for sale. Like, did anyone really buy the silicon vagina mask that cost $480? Probably. In fact, it’s more than likely a few people did. And one woman actually bought a dress that sported a bunch of vaginas on it. But now you dudes out there can not only buy some boxers with a wolf on it, but you can impress your lady by buying a pair of boxers that are 3D. Oh yeah.

For only $20, you can walk around public knowing that you have a pair of rad 3D wolf boxers under your jeans, and knowing that you finally have something different other than your Superman boxers. Imagine how a woman will feel once she comes face to face with a 3D wolf. Probably confused and slightly uneasy, but hey, no one can stop the power of the wolf. Take a look at these boxers:

Photo: Amazon

Photo: Amazon

Who wouldn’t want a pair of these? Sane people? Sure, but still, you would accept these as a gift in a heartbeat. And you would probably wear them on a first date just to make a damn statement.

What’s that? You don’t like wolves? What? You’d rather wear a 3D eagle so you can go around saying “Fuck yeah, America!” Well, they also have this:

Photo: Amazon

Photo: Amazon

So hurry the hell up and snag yourself a pair of each of these things, because obviously it will be the best purchase you will ever make.

h/t Daily Dot

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