People Are Revealing The Worst Secret Santa Gifts They’ve Ever Received

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Still wondering why you may have gotten that shitty Christmas gift way back? Don’t worry, because chances are whatever you got doesn’t come close to the terrible gift the folks below got. And even worse, it was from their secret santa.

As horrible as giving someone a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” ornament for Christmas sounds (please, no one give that to anyone for a gift), the poor folks in this article got stuck with some really bad gifts. And they were brave enough to share it on the Internet, so everyone can laugh, cry and just be baffled together.

Check out some of the worst secret santa gifts that people have ever gotten.

This gal got a sandwich as a gift. Well, hopefully it at least tasted OK.

Is that a peanut? Someone got a peanut?! And why does she seem so damn happy?

*Researches “Blow Up Party Pig”*

So someone is getting trash as a gift?

Can’t wait for my stone that looks you can get it from your backyard.

Or you can just get someone an apple like this person did.

bad secret santa gifts1

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Or go all out and get a box of rocks.

bad secret santa gifts2

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But if you’re feeling bold you can get someone a massive dildo:

Good luck shopping, everyone.

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