Iffley Road Running Gear Maximises Performance in Classic Style

Iffley Road’s name is rooted in UK athletics history. Inspired by Oxford University’s Iffley Road running track, later renamed the Roger Bannister running track after the English middle-distance athlete ran the first sub-four-minute mile on it back in 1954, the clothing brand champions the look of classic British fitness gear with a strong focus upon elevating its wearer’s performance.

Founded by life-long runners Claire Kent and Bill Byrne, Iffley Road focuses upon delivering luxury running wear that justifies its high price points by way of providing clothing items that will withstand the test of time. From the subtle, embossed Iffley Road logo on each t-shirt, short and vest through to its premium fabrics, it’s clear that the UK-based, EU-manufactured clothing brand is in the business of creating more respectable and premium running wear. Though the company only boasts a limited selection of items in its collection, what they do sell is high quality in both design and appearance.

It’s clear that Iffley Road isn’t your average runwear manufacturer from the package that the clothes arrive in. Tucked away in a white box bearing the company’s name, Iffley Road also packs in a hand-written note alongside a replica of Roger Bannister’s race number back when he broke his record in ’54. It’s a nice touch, ensuring that unwrapping your products feels more like an event than simply adding some more workout gear to your collection. However, it’s not the only thing that makes Iffley Road’s runwear so distinctive.


Iffley Road’s fitness wear is so lightweight that it barely feels as though it’s on your body. Even the outerwear sent to me by the company, a sheen black waterproof gilet, weighs in at just 125g despite being composed of a triple-layer fabric. I was pleasantly surprised by how snug the fit was, too, with its elasticated (though not noticeably so) armholes helping to accommodate a range of body types from the robust to the slightly less athletically inclined.

Despite being nigh-on wafer thin, Iffley Road has still equipped some of its gear with pockets to help store away your phone or iPod. The aforementioned gilet came equipped with a stowaway back pocket, which ensured that I could continue running without having to feel my iPhone rattle around my stomach. Likewise, the in-seam pockets located on its Richmond black long sleeve top are barely even visible.


The company’s shorts and leggings also mirror its lightweight ethos, with the Thompson marine blue shorts that were sent to me boasting the same discreet pockets, alongside tri-stripe side vents for increased breathability. The waists aren’t elasticated, which may be slightly off-putting for some, though an internal draw cord helps secure them in place. I found the large a little too big for my frame despite its size guide listing it as being designed for a 34-inch waist, though this wasn’t too problematic and nothing that pulling its draw cord a little tighter couldn’t fix.

But its Iffley’s Windsor leggings are the stars of the show here. Priced at £75 they’re certainly on the more expensive side, but you’re paying for all-weather comfort and a wonderful cut that makes them exceptionally flattering. Iffley notes that they have “kept panels and seams to the absolute minimum necessary for comfort and movement,” equipping them with a single zip back pocket and once again foregoing elasticity in favor of a draw cord.

I was very impressed with my Iffley Road gear. The best compliment that you can give their apparel is that it feels almost non-existent on your body, maximising your performance as a result by way of shedding unnecessary layers in favor of durable but thin fabric. If you’re in the market for gear that will greatly complement your morning run and don’t mind paying that little bit extra for quality, then Iffley Road has the runwear for you.

You can check out Iffley Road right here.