16 Confessions Of People Who Slept With Their Friend’s Parents

Photo: YouTube

Something tells me those friendship bracelets are going to have to be returned.

You folks were eager to learn about what women really think about while receiving oral sex, and were shocked to learn some of the most bizarre reasons people have denied their partner sex, but in the spirit of Halloween today, it is time to learn about something that is completely terrifying: your friend actually sleeping with one of your parents. And if it hasn’t happened to you, be thankful, but you bet your ass that it has unfortunately happened to the folks below.

As usual, we have to give thanks to Whisper for reeling in all these confessions from men and women who have revealed that they have actually hooked up with their friend’s parents. And while some liked it and kept it doing, others felt complete and utter guilt. But when it comes down to it, it still occurred. Check out some of these crazy confessions.
















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