2016 Last Minute Halloween Gift Guide Ends Shocktober

Halloween is now the second most lucrative holiday behind Christmas every calendar year. So, spending during the Season of the Witch now moved beyond just fun size chocolate and costumes. Sure, you can throw candy at anyone this time of year, but — if you’re looking to give a more substantial gift to things that go bump in the night — this gift guide will provide a plastic pumpkin full of ideas.

BlissLights: You’ve seen these adding sparkle to houses during the Christmas season. But, BlissLights (top) are fully adjustable to provide season-appropriate color schemes for indoor or outdoor use for Halloween. Load up the orange BlissLights now and switch to the green and red come the Holidays.

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Ava’s Cupcakes: The name tells you all you need to know about what this mail-order service specializes in, and there are plenty of dedicated Halloween cupcake designs standing by this year at Ava’s. However, the treat shipping service also bakes up full size cakes, cookies and other treats for Oct. 31 and every holiday throughout the calendar.

Ilumi Floodlight: Combining with a free app, the Bluetooth-equipped Ilumi Floodlight can produce thousands of colors (red, orange and anything you want for Halloween) or create an “experience” in which it blinks and changes colors in time to music or sound effects. It’s perfect if you’re transforming your yard into a haunted house inside or outside.

Revell Star Wars Snaptite Models: Video games and high-tech toys might’ve replaced model building in modern kids’ hearts, but that probably means fewer kids are huffing glue these days. Kids don’t need to like traditional model kits (or huff glue) to enjoy these slick Star Wars Snaptite model kits. They’re tough enough to be played with by kids (and adults) once assembled and sure to be a hit with anyone coming to your door with a homemade BB-8 outfit.

Morphsuits: Famous for their sheer, see through, breathable, full-body color suits made popular by sports fans, Morphsuits are constantly expanding their costume options every year. The simple body sleeves come on and off easily and now include designs from movies, comics, current events and pop culture.