2017 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We won’t go into why. That’s your business. Your relationship with your mother and why you don’t love her enough to choose and fetch her a proper gift is entirely your affair.

Still, the clock is ticking, and you need to fix this familial train wreck immediately. Below, you’ll find a quick collection of suggestions for last minute Mother’s Day gifts both practical and frivolous.

T-Mobile SyncUp Drive: (Top) The automotive element to T-Mobile’s suite of digital products, the SyncUp Drive can transform any car into the most tech-equipped ride imaginable. Most importantly, it’ll lend safety and security to mom’s drive. T-Mobile describes the SyncUp as their “all-in-one connected car solution” It makes any car it plugs into, well, into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, while providing vehicle diagnostics, safety and security features.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.32.27 AM

Bugaboo Stroller: Maybe you’re buying for a wife about to become a mother with your child. What is wrong with you? How could you drop that ball? It’s Mother’s Day, for chimp’s sake.

I don’t know what to do with you besides recommend the Bugaboo line of strollers and particularly the Bugaboo Bee5. These strollers take a page from the company’s luggage line, combining multi-functionality with click and go transformation abilities. The strollers come with a base wheeled chassis that connects with a secure, yet easily detachable “seat/bassinet frame” (with a carry handle). The Bugaboo is adjustable to child size, environment, mobility needs, etc. I hate to write a cliche, but I must: It’s the last stroller mom will need.

The Bee5 is one of Bugaboo’s most compact models and comes bespoke in one of 700 possible color combinations.


Jabra Sport Coach: For the fit moms out there using Mother’s Day as a jumping off point — or for moms who would like get back in shape, the comfortable, colorful go gully wireless via Bluetooth and combine with a free Jabra Sports app available for any cellphone.

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While the sound quality is on the rails for headphones of this size and price range, the Jabra Sport Coach line comes with in-built A.I. that counts reps and helps to motivate the exerciser while the sweating megamix of the hours thumps in the background.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.38.40 AM

Hexbug AquaBot: While not the most grownup suggestion on this list, it is the most fun. The AquaBots are small robotic pets that sense their environment, move about on their own and explore. If mom isn’t into all of that A.I. fuss, she can simply make their AquaBots into cute, colorful mobile decorations.

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Bubble Pods Speaker: There are scores of Bluetooth speakers on the market, but the Dreamwave Bubble Pods offer a simply, tough design in a range of colors. The five watt speaker has a built-in, full range driver and 360° omnidirectional sound effect processor to balance of loudness and bass performance. Mom can hang it anywhere she likes whenever she needs sweet music to help her forget how you almost forgot her big day.