Mondrian London at Sea Containers: A Big Little Hotel

The Mondrian London at Sea Containers could lean back, resting lazily on its prime location and raking in easy booking dollars by offering a very average hotel experience. However, by offering maxed out dining and drinking experiences alongside comfortable, modern design touches, the hotel continues to draw prime business from both travelers and local business denizens.

The hotel sits on the Southbank of the River Thames, one of the city’s most popular destinations for locals and a hidden gem for tourists who might be distracted by Covent Garden or Mayfair. The view from the Mondrian London’s riverside rooms, bars and restaurant looks out over everything from Waterloo Bridge to MI6 HQ to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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That location puts the joint in an easy walking perimeter from multiple Underground stations, the West End (just across the river), the Tate Modern, the National Theater, The London Eye and Waterloo Station. A more adventurous stroll can take you to everything from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to The Tower of London.

If you choose to remain in the hotel, it offers quiet sanctuary from the noise and haste of London. From the outside, the Mondrian London looks like a massive hotel — much too large to call itself boutique. However, a closer inspection reveals that the Sea Containers House building that holds the hotels is predominantly office space with only the ground floor (with the lobby, two bars, a lounge and the Sea Containers Restaurant), a handful of floors above that and the rooftop bar occupied by everything Mondrian.

The rooms are modern and recently renovated to keep up with the changing aesthetics of constantly evolving London. The hotel’s interior is warmly lit, even dark in some spots — encouraging quiet and contemplation between lobby, room and lounge. Occasional artworks stud the rooms and hallways — but none from the Dutch artist whose name adorns the hotel (in case you were wondering).

The staff is en pointe, but never intrusive. If there’s a quibble to be had with the property, the guys working the door could be a little less concerned with those stumbling in for drinks at the bars and more attuned to the hotel guests. But, that’s not a major problem.

Room rates vary depending on the time of year and the activities filling up the great UK capital, but savvy shoppers can easily place themselves in the heart of the Mondrian London for less than £200 per night. Of course, the restaurant and bars remain open throughout the year and can welcome the weary traveler even if he or she planted their accommodation flag elsewhere in the city.

Images courtesy Mondrian London