Argument Over Salsa Leads To Massive Brawl At Dallas Mexican Restaurant

Sounds totally worth it.

My uncle once told me that nothing good happens at a restaurant after midnight, something he learned firsthand after a clown tried to steal his wallet at a Waukesha Denny’s shortly after 2 a.m. during the summer of ’74.

Take this large crew that was hanging out at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas at 2:30 a.m., Saturday morning, for example. I mean, after stuffing your gut with enchiladas and burritos after a night of heavy drinking, the best-case scenario is that you wake up in time to expel it in a toilet instead of your bed.

The worst-case scenario? You guessed it: An argument over salsa leads to an all-out brawl complete with fists of fury, screaming women, chair-throwing and a floor that was apparently created by mixing linoleum with banana peels.


h/t BroBible

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