Brainless Activists Free Ostriches From Circus, One Dies After Being Hit By Car

The ostrich is a flightless bird native to Africa. Munich is the third-largest city in Germany.

Now, we’re not sure what several imbecile animal rights activists were thinking was going to happen when they broke into a local circus and freed two ostriches and a goose from their trailer, but odds are they weren’t going to sneak away to a beer garden for a few steins of Hofbräu and live happily ever after.

Well, according to The Local, pretty much the exact opposite of that happened when one of them died after being hit by a car Monday night.

activists free ostrich from circus and it dies after getting hit by a car
Police suspect that three men and one woman were behind the break-in on the land where Kaiser Circus and its 80 animals called home. They think the activists made their way to the trailer where two ostriches named Nala and Zawo and a goose named Fred were housed and unscrewed the hinges on the door sometime around 9 p.m.

The birds then escaped into the night, but their “freedom” was only temporary, as Nala was…wait for it…involved in a fatal hit-and-run shortly thereafter. The other two birds were later captured, but since German laws state that ostriches must be kept in pairs, there is a good chance that Zawo will now have to be “put down.”

Wow. What activism!

Again, we’re not sure what the activists were thinking the end result was going to be here, as you have to think that even if they would have hitched a ride back to their native habitat in Africa, odds are they would have been devoured by either a lion or cheetah within the first week.

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