Doctors Have Determined The Best Time Of Day To Poop

Hopefully, fewer doctors and researchers will be needed when it comes to determining the best location to pinch a loaf.

According to Women’s Health, if you’re dropping deuces within the first 30 minutes after waking up in the morning, then you, my friend, are pooping at the optimal time.

doctors have determined best time of day to poop
“For most people, the best time and their regular time is in the morning,” says says Kenneth Koch, M.D., chief, section on gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

If your digestive system is working properly, your small intestine and colon will process the food you ate the day before while you’re sleeping. That sweet mix will then pass through your body once you’re up and at ’em in the morning, meaning most people will need to pop a squat sometime within those first 30 minutes.

If you aren’t taking a dump every morning (or every day, for that matter), don’t stress about it. Another doctor says that “regularity” can mean anything from one crap a week to dropping bombs three times a day. And like we’ve always said, it also depends on how many times you eat at Taco Bell.

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