Dad Will Surely Appreciate These Last Minute Holiday Gifts

There’s always a time and need for last minute holiday gift items for dad. Surely he’ll appreciate whatever you get him, but just in case you’re not his favorite kid, choose from this lovely list and move up a rung on the hate ladder this season. After all, you can’t very well get him the usual Playboy subscription if there’s not going to be any nudity in there anymore.

Snow Joe Cordless Snowblower ($379)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, cordless snowblower
If we can have wireless phones, we sure as hell should have wireless snowblowers. No more unknotting and lassoing those long cords for dad. He can be the neighborhood blower with this lightweight, emission-free, 40-volt power tool. Then again, maybe “neighborhood blower” isn’t the best term to go with.

Cards Against Humanity ($25)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, cards against humanity
Don’t want to hear your dad make pervy jokes with your even more pervy uncle? ‘Tis the season to purchase him something else to direct his depraved mind at other than your mother. Cards Against Humanity is affordable, awkward fun for the whole family to help pass the frigid time until you make your escape to the airport.

Logitech Harmony All-in-One Remote ($119)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, logitech harmony remote
Both you and your dad have dreamed about this day. No more splitting up the half dozen remotes between the two of you — mom can’t handle that responsibility — when there’s a single remote that can rule the roost. Whether by the Harmony remote or app on your smartphone, you can control your entertainment system, TV and gaming consoles all from one object like it’s no biggie. Get used to being the favorite child.

Mr. Beer Home Brewery ($53)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, mr beer home brewery
The most affordable way for dad to kickstart his own beer brand is Mr. Beer, the startup kit that includes a reusable two-gallon keg, a pack of reusable beer bottles, carbonation tabs and everything else you need to make your own beer. If your pops wanted an excuse to hide in the garage for a few hours and blow off some steam, now he’s got one. And he can maintain a hefty man-made buzz while he’s at it.

Leatherman Multi-Tool ($86.99)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, leatherman multi tool
Quite frankly, this all-in-one pocket tool has just about anything you need to complete any task. Whether you’re tightening some screws, popping a bottle or performing your first B & E on the neighbors, this is your new best friend. Who needs a toolbox with pocket-sized handheld gear like this?

Bar10der All-in-One Bartender ($44.99)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, bar10der all in one bartender
On the other hand, this all-in-one kit has everything you need for tearing stuff apart later. With ten tools for the perfect holiday cocktail all in one, from a muddler to a zester to a corkscrew, there’s nothing this little home bartender can’t do. Now fix something with your pocket knife, make yourself a drink with your Bar10der Blue and break everything you just put together.

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator ($349.99)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, dancin dogg optishot
If dad’s retired and mom’s just tired of seeing him putt around the house, maybe it’s time you got him on his golfing game with an infrared golf simulator. With a library of worldly golf courses and a simulator that tacks speed and precision, he can explore an array of greens without ever leaving the house. Your mom might leave, though. They don’t tell you that on the box.

Nest ($199)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, nest thermostat
Of all our favorite technological innovations, this one warms our hearts the most. And our living rooms. Nest is the futuristic thermostat that replaces clunky, archaic ones. With a digital format, smartphone accessibility and “smart” temperature, it tracks your habits and adapts to your lifestyle. No more fighting over who’s hot and who’s cold, as you will be lord of the manor with this handy device. There’s also a Nest Protect for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detection.

last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, television
He’s not expecting you to get him a TV. But maybe you could check out some of the awesome deals from our Black Friday Blowout, some of which will likely be back up for sale the day after Christmas. Currently there’s an LG 98-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV for only $40 grand. Maybe aim lower. There’s also still sales going on for Apple iPads, Apple TV and more.

Garmin Fishfinder ($80.99)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, garmin fishfinder
Your father always talks about how he loves to fish. You even got him that nice fishing rod a few years back that he hasn’t touched. Maybe he realized the thing he forgot about fishing is how much it sucks. Well, Garmin’s Fishfinder will change all that with its high tech beams and special fish trolling capabilities. Some are super affordable in simple gray while others can be high dollar trackers. You’re decision rests on how much your dad sucks at fishing or how quickly he quits and goes for the beer.

Finally, as a bonus…James Bond Cologne ($24.99)
last minute dad gifts, gifts for dad, james bond 007 cologne
Because hey, anyone could be in the running for the next 007. It’s the same cologne the real James Bond wears! No, no it isn’t.