Somebody Turned An English Town’s Trash Cans Into Minions

Move over Deez Nuts. There’s a new prankster in town.

According to Mirror, residents in the English town of Peacehaven awoke Monday morning to find that somebody painted ten of their town’s trash cans to look like Minions.

Residents aren’t sure who is behind the prank, although some thought it was a neat way to promote an upcoming festival where a Minion is supposed to be in attendance. But festival organizers said that wasn’t the case.

Most people are reportedly “amused” by their new garbage cans, and some have even turned it into a game, running around town trying to find all ten.

Surprisingly, the Town Council isn’t upset that somebody vandalized their trash bins. In fact, they “admire” the person or people who did it.

“Anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing as we want to keep the district clean and tidy for all to enjoy,” one council member said.

Personally, I think Minions are cool. But if the artist or artists really wanted to hit the nail on the head, they should have painted a bin used to collect garbage to look like Kevin Costner instead.

Here’s a dog who is a bigger Minions fan than most humans: Here’s A Dog Going To Town On A Minion Toy


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