A Stripper Once Showed Her Panties To A Judge To Have Her Charges Dropped

That’s one way to prove your innocence.

Way back in 1983, three exotic dancers were charged with violating Pinellas County anti-nudity ordinance which pretty much prohibited topless dancers and strippers from doing their thing. The law also allowed Pinellas County, located in Florida, to regulate any nudity in establishments where alcohol was served.

“…nudity and service of food and drink did not mix, that it is adverse to the public health, peace and morals of the community,” is an actual quote released from the Pinellas City Council. I want strippers with my wings, damn it.

Well, when three exotic dancers were arrested for allegedly exposing their vaginas to undercover cops, one of the dancers bent over to show the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to show any of her goods.

The judge was David A. Demers, and because of that “presentation” put forward by the dancer the charges were dismissed.

This photo then went out to appear in Playboy’s issue of “The Year in Sex.” The judge was glad to learn that you could barely see his name on the nameplate, saying “Whew, I’m glad to hear that!”

After more than 10 years of putting bad guys away and trying to do the right thing, this will be Demers legacy. Not too shabby.

Demers not only served as a judge until 2007, he was also associate dean of the Florida Judicial College until 2007. 69-year-old Demers is now living out his life, thinking of strippers. Probably.

Via SP Times


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